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Chocolate fanatics will ♥ the new flavor from Blue Bell

BRENHAM - Be still my heart, the new ice cream from Blue Bell is a true chocolate lover’s delight! I ♥ Chocolate Ice Cream is chock-full of everything chocolate and is now available in stores, but only for a limited time.

I ♥ Chocolate is a smooth Milk Chocolate Ice Cream combined with luscious dark chocolate-filled chocolate hearts, chocolate-coated cake pieces and a chocolate icing swirl.

“This is our first new flavor of the year,” said Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell. “I ♥ Chocolate is loaded with everything chocolate from the ice cream to candies and even cake pieces. I think we have covered all the bases on this one. Chocoholics will love this ice cream!”

Blue Bell will be cranking out several more new ice cream flavors as well as Frozen Snacks throughout the year. Last year Blue Bell introduced Italian Cream Cake Ice Cream and Rockslide Brownie and both became instant favorites and will be available in stores again later this year.

“Our new product line-up last year was probably one the best we’ve ever had,” Breed said. “We were excited to get back in the lab and push ourselves to create more outstanding flavors for 2014. Our fans will not be disappointed.”

I ♥ Chocolate is available in your grocer’s freezer section in the full half gallon and pint-sized containers. Also look for Mocha Almond Fudge and Tin Roof now in stores.

For a sneak peek at each new flavor even before it is available in stores, join the Blue Bell Country Club at bluebell.com.

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