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Blissful new flavor from Blue Bell sure to please lemon ice cream fans

BRENHAM - The best way to describe the newest ice cream flavor from Blue Bell is to simply say the name, Lemon Bliss. You can repeat it if you like, but that might induce a very strong craving for this new creation from “the Little Creamery in Brenham.”

Lemon Bliss is a flavorful Lemon Ice Cream combined with tasty vanilla crème-filled cookies.

“This is not your average lemon ice cream,” said Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell. “Lemon Bliss is a combination of tart lemon ice cream with just the right amount of sweetness, complemented perfectly with the vanilla crème-filled cookies. Combining cookies with lemon ice cream may not seem like a natural blend, but once our panel tasted this combination we knew we had to produce the flavor in a half gallon for our fans to enjoy.”

The idea for Lemon Bliss Ice Cream actually came from a friend of a Blue Bell employee. The company’s shipping manager in Memphis, Tenn., Louis Castillo, heard about this combination from his friend Lee, who enjoys his lemon ice cream by adding cookies. “He was so passionate about how good it was,” said Norris Seay, Blue Bell sales manager in Memphis. “We had him make a sample, which we thought was great, and the rest is history in the making.”

Lemon Bliss Ice Cream will be available in stores beginning in March, but only for a limited time. Also look for Butter Crunch Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream in your grocer’s freezer section.

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