We receive calls and letters every day asking about our ice cream.
We thought we would provide answers to some common Blue Bell questions.

Q: Why can't I find my favorite Blue Bell flavor?

A: A number of reasons can contribute to why you may not be able to find your favorite flavor. The most common reason is because that flavor may be considered rotational. The rotational flavors only come out certain times of the year (see below for more information about rotational flavors). A second reason may be that we have limited space in your particular grocery store. In this instance, we are not able to provide every product we have available as we do not have enough space in the freezer. In any case, we always recommend you ask your local Store Manager or one of our helpful Driver Salesmen about your favorite flavor.

Q: Why can't you make all the flavors all the time? What are rotational flavors?

A: We certainly pride ourselves in using the freshest and finest ingredients we can find. Certain ingredients may only be available at specific times of the year. Therefore, we are limited as to when and how much of a certain product we can make. We work very closely with our vendors to make sure that we can get fresh fruit, nuts and other ingredients in a timely manner to ensure the very best quality. For example, we only make Peaches & Homemade Vanilla in the spring and summertime when the peaches are at their best. These rotational flavors come out at various times throughout the year. We recommend that you visit our This Month's Flavor page each month to see what current flavors are available.

Q: Why is Blue Bell not available in my favorite store?

A: We are always working with local grocery stores to provide "the best ice cream in the country." However, in any store space is a at a premium. We do our very best to work with each grocer on an individual basis to meet their needs as well as our needs. In new areas it may take time for the grocer to learn more about Blue Bell and what great products we have to offer. If you are not able to buy Blue Bell in your favorite store, but Blue Bell is available in other stores in your area, we recommend that you mention it to your Store Manager.

Q: What is DSD?

A: DSD is an acronym for Direct Store Delivery. Blue Bell uses this program to deliver the ice cream from our cold storage all the way to your grocer's freezer. We go to great lengths to ensure you have the very best product when you buy our ice cream. Blue Bell employees receive the milk at our production facility and handle the product all the way through until you buy it at your local grocery store. We even have our very own delivery trucks that visit the stores in your area to make sure that you have the very best quality and selection.

Q: Why can't I find Blue Bell where I live?

A: Due to our unique method of distributing our products (see DSD information above) we build distribution facilities throughout our service areas. These distribution facilities are the connecting point between the production facility and our local delivery trucks. As we build new facilities, purchase more trucks and hire local people it takes us a little longer to move into new areas. Our DSD program is one more way that we show the time and love that we put into each Blue Bell product. We want to ensure that we can deliver the very best product in a timely manner without jeopardizing the time and care that went into its production.

Q: Where can I buy Blue Bell?

A: Blue Bell is available in all or part of 20 states. Blue Bell is available in all of the following states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee. Blue Bell is also available in some parts of the following states: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Wyoming.

Q: What is it about Blue Bell that makes it so special?

A: Our company has a devotion to old-fashioned ideas you don't see much of today. We've been making our ice cream the same way for years - choosing the finest, freshest ingredients to make the very best product, and then offering that great-tasting ice cream to the consumer at a price that is of real value to them. And because we want the consumer to receive the product in absolute perfect condition, we carry it every step of the way until it reaches your grocer's freezer.

Q: Why do you call yourselves "the Little Creamery in Brenham" if you can make enough ice cream to supply all of these areas?

A: "The Little Creamery in Brenham" is an accurate description of the way our entire company operates using old-fashioned ideals. We make our ice cream the old-fashioned way- using the best ingredients, maintaining close attention to detail, and working at every stage to make sure the ice cream is perfect. We focus strongly on service, both in providing an excellent product at an excellent price, and in working closely with our customers to make sure we are doing all that we can to ensure that they are pleased to have Blue Bell items in their store.

Q: I heard you have two other production facilities, one in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and one in Sylacauga, Alabama. What do they make there, and where does that ice cream go?

A: The purpose of the two plants is to support the Brenham production facility by providing some products, mostly half gallons, to our northern and southeastern-most distribution areas. The Broken Arrow area includes: Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. The Sylacauga area includes: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Q: How do I join the Blue Bell Club? Why should I join the Blue Bell Club?

A: Visit the Sign Up page to join the Blue Bell Club. At this time, the Blue Bell Club provides members with a monthly newsletter sent via e-mail with updates on new and rotational flavors. The Blue Bell Club is currently being expanded and will have new features coming soon. Be sure to check back regularly!

Q: What is the difference between the brown and gold rims on the cartons?

A: You may have noticed that we have a gold rim and a brown rim on our cartons. The rim colors represent a pricing system for us. The gold rim flavors comprise many of our standard flavors such as Homemade Vanilla, Cookies 'n Cream and Dutch Chocolate. These flavors have high quality ingredients and therefore the price of these flavors is set accordingly. The brown rim represents some of our flavors that have the same high quality ingredients as the gold rim, however they may have a greater quantity of ingredients or the cost of the ingredients may be higher. A few flavors that fall into this category include Banana Split, Pecan Pralines 'n Cream and Moo-llenium Crunch.

Q: Can I have your Blue Bell shipped to me or my friends?

A: You bet! See How to Order here on our website!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: We love hearing from folks like you! Visit the Contact page.

Q: Where can I propose an ice cream flavor?

A: If you have a great idea for a new flavor then drop us a line. Visit the Contact page.

Q: Why doesn't Blue Bell have an expiration date?

A: It's been said that the main reason is because our fans are eating it as fast as we can crank it out. But, keeping Blue Bell fresh depends more on special handling and tender loving care than anything else. Many foods rely on preservatives to maintain quality, but ice cream and other related frozen desserts depend on sub-zero temperatures in the range of -10 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. At this constant temperature, Blue Bell's great taste can be preserved for a little over a year. However, if Blue Bell is subjected to warm temperatures, it will melt and then refreeze, creating an icy texture. Since ice cream is so sensitive and relies on special handling, a "freshness date" would be very misleading.

Q: How long will Blue Bell last in your home freezer?

A: Depending on your freezer's temperature, you can store Blue Bell for one or two months. This time relates directly to how many times you open your freezer door, your freezer's efficiency, and the temperature change during its defrost cycles. The amount of unfrozen food placed in your freezer can also affect the quality of your ice cream. There is definitely no simple answer. But, if you love Blue Bell as much as we do, you'll probably finish your last bowl before you have to worry.

Q: How can you make sure your Blue Bell stays "the best in the country?"

A: -The first step in keeping your ice cream fresh begins at purchase time. A big tip is to select your favorite Blue Bell flavor at the end of your shopping trip. This, along with a quick trip home, will help keep melting to a minimum. -Our driver salesman take great pride in their accounts and stock the stores' freezers with only the best products. These products are monitored regularly, but occasionally a freezer may be working improperly. You can test your selection by gently pressing the sides of the carton. If it gives to pressure, then melting may have begun and the product could be damaged. Please let your grocer know if the store's ice cream freezer doesn't seem to be working well. -It is also essential to make sure your freezer maintains -10 degrees Fahrenheit. An easy way to check the temperature is to keep a refrigerator/freezer thermometer in your freezer. Checking it regularly will ensure better storage for Blue Bell and all your frozen foods. -When placing unfrozen food items in the freezer, don't set them near your ice cream. This helps keep the heat off of the items from melting your Blue Bell. -While serving your favorite flavor, scoop across the top of the ice cream to leave a level surface. After dipping, return your ice cream to the freezer as quickly as possible. Don't forget to seal the lid tightly, so that your last dip can be as fresh as your first. -Placing your ice cream in the far back corner in the coldest part of your freezer will also help keep the product at the desired temperature.

Q: What can you do if your Blue Bell develops an icy texture?

A: You can make a delicious milk shake from ice cream that has an icy texture. Partially thaw the ice cream, add a little fresh milk in a blender and you've created a wonderful treat. There are also many recipes that call for ice cream and this could be a perfect time to treat yourself to a wonderful dessert. See our Recipes section for ideas.

Q: What is the best way to ship Blue Bell Ice Cream?

Having trouble figuring out the best way to send your relatives or friends their favorite flavors of Blue Bell?  We suggest you either pack it yourself or contact  us and we would be happy to ship it for you.  Please visit the Country Store on our website and click on 'How to Order'.
If you decide to pack it yourself, start with a Styrofoam ice chest, newspaper, some paper bags, 10 pounds of dry ice, and heavy-duty tape.  Over the years, we've put together this little system to keep two or three half gallons just right while shipping.
-First, line the bottom of your ice chest with crumbled newspaper.  Then, place some dry ice in the bottom of the chest.  (DO NOT touch the dry ice with your bare hands, it will burn your skin.)  Next, put the ice cream cartons in paper bags and then pack more dry ice and newspaper around them.  When sealing the lid, wind the tape around the top and bottom of the ice chest to secure it.  The package will weigh approximately 20 pounds and the ice cream should stay frozen for at least 24 hours.
-Clearly mark the name and telephone number of the receiving party of the ice cream.  It is essential that the label notes that the item is perishable and to call the addressee immediately upon arrival.  Many times packages are left for long periods of time at a bus station or airport and then the product begins to melt.  We would recommend direct delivery such as Federal Express or another overnight freight service.  Folks on the receiving end can have their ice cream at their door and enjoy a big bowl of Blue Bell--all within 24 hours.

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